Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Healing through Creativity

Trauma Survivors and Supporters of Survivors of Trauma are invited to share art, music, writing, poetry and other creative forms at the Healing Through Creativity Festival.

When: October 17-24 2009
Where: Heart of Virginia Foundation Center for Integrated ArtsGrandin Gardens, 1731 Grandin Rd, Roanoke, Virginia

The experience helps trauma survivors and promotes community understanding

We open our hearts to support those who are making their way through the various stages of recovery from physical and psychological trauma. The event is inspired for the need in the community to support survivors and to seek additional resources and contacts to help in recovery. Once aware of supportive resources, individuals may follow up with any of the fine contacts from this event for more in-depth help, education and support. You know what you would give to keep just one person from suffering. Healing through Creativity promises to be a life changing experience.

Healing through Creativity features positive-focused expressions that will help trauma survivors and promote understanding. Survivors and supporters share the fun and excitement of creativity without the fears of judgment or undeserved guilt and shame. The event promotes community awareness about the needs of survivors of trauma to the body, mind and spirit.

Healing through Creativity July 2006 was a breakthrough for all survivors and in July 2007 and October 2008, Healing through Creativity returned to serve even more. Planning is underway for the 4th Annual Healing through Creativity in late 2009.

Workshops and entry are free.Artistic works include: creative writing, poetry, painting, music, drama and other works. See workshops, hear speakers and develop your own creative talents. We invite trauma survivors and their supporters to enter their original heart felt artistic works in this event. We are currently calling for participants and presenters who wish to join in the fun. Please see the website at http://www.healingthroughcreativity.org/ for more information

Healing through Creativity July 2009 Team